The Truth About Flipping Houses

You don’t have to be involved in real estate to find this disturbing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, house flipping is back to pre-crisis levels similar to 2006 right before the market collapsed.

But unlike 2006, today the biggest profits are going to professional house flipping companies that can buy thousands of houses at once.

And that’s left first-time buyers fighting for scraps. Making it almost impossible for them to make money.

In fact, since October 2014, the inventory of homes available on the market has fallen for 42 consecutive months.

Meanwhile the most recent data show that the average profit from flipping a house has dropped to a seven-year low.

Danielle Hale, the Chief Economist for Realtor.Com, says “This is the most competitive housing market we’ve seen in recorded history.”

But what if there was a way to scoop up the most profitable deals on the market – without worrying about the competition?

That would mean more money for you – with far less work.

Because when there’s less competition, you can get into more deals. And the more deals you can get into, the bigger your profits can be.

With traditional real estate, the deck is stacked against you.

But one retired forklift operator has discovered a secret to “flipping stocks” that’s made him nearly $25 million.

But he’s not the only one who’s finding success. His students are earning tens of thousands of dollars every month. Many of them while working less than an hour a week.

  • “I’ve made $33,110 in my first four months” – Tim Price, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  • “I’ve made $70,000 in my first month” – Scott Jordan, Eugene, Oregon
  • “I made $21,250 in the last 7 days” – Matthew Carlson, Lombard, Illinois
  • “I’m up over $5,000 so far this week and more than $38,000 since I got started.” – Grant Jensen, Caldwell, Idaho
  • “I just made $4,300.00 profit in 3 working days. I know neurosurgeons who don’t make that much.”- Jane Bennet, Fort Worth, Texas

And the man who created this stock flipping formula recently got on camera near his home in Florida to explain how it works.

He’s saying anyone can get started with as little as $371 and make a fortune in just a few weeks.

He even breaks down the exact math of how the profits from flipping a house stack up against flipping stocks (hint: it’s not pretty).

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